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We know there are a lot of experienced contractors out there still doing shot or abrasive blasting who wonder, “Is there another way to get designs on these hard surfaces?” (concrete, rock, etc). Why yes, that helped inspire the CNC PRO.

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Lets first examine what is Blasting.

For the Shot Blasting definition: it is a machine that projects many small steel balls towards the surface of the floor and this way crush the surface. For the Abrasive Blasting definition: abrasive material and the surface being blasted may contain toxic materials (e.g., lead paint, silica) that are hazardous to workers. Either way the machine is using compressed air or water to clean, add texture or prepare a surface.

Here is the OSHA Fact sheet on the subject: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3697.pdf


If that sounds kind of dangerous, well it is. Environmentally it is dangerous and many countries are starting to ban it. In the US, OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) is very concerned over the health risks of Shot/Abrasive Blasting. The publication link in the prior paragraph talks of the health risks as well as some recommendations to make it safer. The list is very long that includes isolation, containment and ventilation.


To be safe people doing shot blasting need to wear all sorts of personal protective equipment. As you may imagine, this can be costly as well as uncomfortable. Plus, people are getting hurt. See this report by the US Department of Labor on accidents with Sandblasting: https://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/AccidentSearch.search?acc_keyword=%22Sandblasting%22&keyword_list=on

Plus, the prep work can be on the heavy side. Since the operator of the equipment needs to always be aware of what they are doing. If there is a pattern needed, they first need to mark out the design then manually aim the nozzle to where they are blasting. The clean up is not always fun either.


So yes, many companies and contractors are looking for alternatives to this old method. This is where the CNC PRO comes in. Engraving instead of blasting.

CNC Engraving Machine definition: cutting or carving into a surface. It uses a CNC router and a bit to drill into the surface. There fore no flying material, no blasting. The amount of dust is minimal and can be vacuumed while working. Another advantage is the design you would want to make can be programmed into software the machine uses, making a very precise final product. The CNC machine will control the cuts while the operator observes.

To recap, its safer (no blasting), its cleaner (no flying debris), it is more precise (computer controlled design), and it’s easier.


Many of the CNC machines out there seem bulky and stationary. This is what helps set the CNC PRO apart is that it is a completely portable CNC engraving system.

To ensure transportation is done safely, it comes with a military grade carrying case.

The CNC PRO has a lot of versatility, and can do a lot of the same jobs as blasting. It can engrave vertically as well as horizontally. We have seen a lot of success lately with people needing to engrave on boulders. What is amazing is it can also scale to any size job.

Portable also means the CNC PRO can work inside or outside. This is something to note as we have seen people have success engraving logos indoors as well as engraving in public spaces outdoors. You can work this machine in public places like schools and a few of our owners have done this and not had to worry about the safety of people nearby.

Control the dust is easy with the CNC PRO. There are attachments you can place on the machine that allow your vacuum to suck up the dust while it is engraving. This is very helpful as it cleans while it cuts. We also have an owner that created a closed in work space he calls the “engraving box”. Just so happens he had a job that needed some custom pavers made but it needed to be indoors and could not have the dust blowing out. It was a clever solution to create this box. In turn, it proves that the CNC PRO can accommodate many working conditions.

Ralph Hansen of Endless Engravings

Many who have purchased the CNC PRO remark how easy it was for them after they had the training given by RedArt Technologies. They are able to program their designs, set up the machine, then engrave. Once the machine is doing the work, the operator can then multi-task with other work needs. We recommend you to be by the machine while the engraving is going on but you can also work on your paperwork, take calls, keep moving your business forward.

Scott Sanford and Jenny Andrews.

Engraving is the better alternative to blasting. It is cleaner, safer and easier in the long run. You still produce beautiful work at half the stress.

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