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With the holidays in full swing, we thought it would be
appropriate to talk about engraving for the holidays. A few CNC PRO owners are
making their presents as well as making a little side money. Here are a few
ideas we would like to share.

Family Names/Crests

Family pieces are very popular this time of year.

Holiday Signs

No matter which holiday you celebrate, you can make
something that expresses it.


Something clever and stands out can be just the thing someone is looking for. The CNC PRO can do wood or metal to make the ornaments custom.

Outside of the Box Gifts

Great gift idea can be custom chess set to the popular corn hole games or even something decorative for the home. The more creative, the better.

The holidays can be good business for an engraver. RedArt Technologies has a few CNC PRO owners that enjoy making custom engravings for people. You can always email us for someone close to you: sales@redarttechnologies.com

Merry Christmas

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