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Prior to World of Concrete 2019, RedArt Technologies launched a social share contest along with our partners, Universal Polishing Systems.  They gave us a space in their booth in exchange for an engraving Henry did of their logo prior to the show. Working with other manufacturers in the decorative concrete space is important. Stronger together with good companies helps the whole community.

The campaign was simple. We wanted to encourage CNC PRO fans to like, react and share a post to spread the word. The word was that RedArt Technologies was going to be doing a live engraving in the Silver Lots. The response was amazing. The organic reach was international.

Henry Ashworth at WOC2019, the CNC PRO booth was in the South Hall

The winner: Daniel Lynch. He is an amazing decorative concrete artesian that teaches, handles amazing jobs and volunteers his amazing skills. He is balancing more than one company between being a distributor of products with his company Ashley Concrete Products while his other company represents his contractor role at Dan Lynch Concrete Floors. He has passion in everything he does include his non-profit work with St. Jude he does every year.

The key to the LIVE engraving is showing we can engrave on the spot with little notice. That morning we received the design from Dan from his Ashley Concrete company. We received it in Jpeg. From there RedArt Technologies founder Henry Ashworth programmed it into his laptop. He transformed it into vector images that worked well in creating tool paths.

After that is was time to transport the CNC PRO from the end of the south hall at WOC to the Silver lots. The case we use for the CNC PRO conveniently has wheels. Henry wheeled it through the halls with no problems and even carried it up a set of stairs. The whole system (computer, rails, machine, and other parts) fits conveniently in the military case for safe transportation helping sure it is a fully portable engraving service.

Once in the Silver lots, a crowd gathered as Henry assembled
the CNC PRO.

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After the machine was assembled and the power connected, it was GO time. Henry explained the steps he had taken and about to take. This demonstrated the ease it was to get started. We cover this with training and our training videos. No stencils needed, no blast mats like blasting needed, just put it together and start engraving.

The crowd grew fast.

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One thing to note, as the CNC PRO is engraving, Henry was able to walk around and talk with people. It shows that the machine is working and he is able to multi-task.

People had a lot of questions too. One good one was comparing the CNC PRO to their current sand-blasting work they do now. The explained how they need to buy blast mats, wear suits, and the ongoing cost and clean up. They quickly realized the convenience of the CNC PRO overcoming this. You don’t purchase one time mats or stencils. You don’t need to suit up. The dust control is much easier than silica or sand. The quick set up and transportation box was a huge hit.

Other questions people had was regarding what they got with the package. They loved the idea of the military grade box to help with transportation. They were happy to see the laptop with pre-loaded licensed software. Many people commented the training was a good idea and how RedArt Technologies offers it by the session, not the people attending, making it easier to train more people at no additional cost. Other big wins were the ability to use multiple types of files regarding the images imported making the programming super easy.

One of the biggest wins was how fast the demo was. The logo was completed in around 45 minutes. Saving time on engraving is a money maker. The winner, Daniel Lynch, was thrilled with the results.

RedArt Technologies also want to thank our partners that were part of the demo including Christi Tamayo of Select Surface Solutions, Michael and Jessica Wanco of Bolder Engraving and Dave Morris with Andrew Knopp from Universal Polishing Systems.

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