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We made a holiday video that we thought we would share on the blog as well. We highlight just a couple of the top projects made from fellow CNC PRO owner. We are stronger because of them.

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Special thanks to:

John Clark of Stamps Connection in Oregon. He has a deep passion for his community and raised money for the Ebetsu Touchstone Project at the
Tsuru Island Japanese Garden. He had the challenge of custom engraving about 4,000 pavers. The CNC PRO was the solution he needed.

Josh and Samantha Dressler of ETCH located in Arizona. They just got the CNC PRO this year and have been working had built an engraving business from the ground up. They put a lot of time into their first home show with yielded them a good amount of jobs to last them the year.

Christie Tamayo of Select Surface Solutions in Florida. She is a trustworthy re-seller of decorative concrete products and has done so well she was able to expand into a bigger space this year. RedArt Technologies was there for her grand opening as Henry(founder of RedArt) demo the CNC PRO with her logo. She is one of our authorized re-sellers of the CNC PRO.

Micheal Wanco of Bolder Engraving located in South Carolina. Micheal has been hitting the ground hard with the CNC PRO. This year he was able to say goodbye to his job and open his own storefront for his multiple engraving services. We always look forward to his next project as there is always something new coming from him. Bolder Engraving is also an authorized re-seller of the CNC PRO.

Brett Hargroder of Stonewall Architectural Concrete in Louisiana. This amazing company has been growing in the decorative concrete world. They had a challenge of meeting certain specifications for a big project worth $200K. After some research, Brett reached out to RedArt Technologies. He purchased the CNC PRO and made all the requirements and more landing him the project. One of those jobs was that we found very impressive was the Periodic Table for the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge. The school loved it so much that they produced their own video of the project.

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Periodic Table of Elements plaza

Ralph Hansel of Endless Engraving located in Michigan. Ralph is a strong member of the RedArt Technology family. He was with us at World of Concrete last year talking about this project he landed. He worked hard making samples and knocking on doors of his local universities offering portable engraving services and landed a couple public engraving jobs at
Michigan State University. He has a lot of knowledge to share with the CNC PRO community and we appreciate everything he does for us.

Jenny Andrews and Scott Sanford of Sanford & Sons Lawncare of Texas. They already had a successful boulder making business launched but wanted an easier way to make custom signs on those boulders. After much research on the internet, they came across the CNC PRO. After a nice chat with Henry, they purchased the CNC PRO and was blown away on how much easier and cleaner engraving became. Since then they have been able to complete the projects faster, while multitasking, getting them more jobs. We love hearing this as we are all about helping people succeed.

We have many more owners we owe this year too. The video had a limit to the sliders otherwise I would have added people like Johnny Angel, Cole Wilmes, Ron Kavanaugh, and many more that joined us this year. Just thrilled with all the growth of 2018. We think 2019 will be even bigger.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

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