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The owners of a furniture store, Mountain Timber Furniture, had an issue that needed to be resolved. They had taken over a space that had a previous company logo in it. The logo was 6×6 foot in size in concrete. They started researching how to replace the logo without disrupting business and at a reasonable cost.

Henry was happy to take on the challenge. He listened to the needs of the store owner and explained the options he could do. One of those options was to grind out the old logo and then inlay their logo (which included a metal in lay) into concrete. He also made sure that he could perform the replacement in a day without them needing to remove the furniture from the store. That gave the owner goosebumps because metal was a part of the logo and how fast and easy Henry could do the job.

Design for the new logo

The first thing Henry did was create contained work space by building a canopy around the work area. This way he was able to contain the dust he expected to create. He also taped off the area to shape the new size of the design. Then with a 6-inch grinder (with vacuum attachment) he was able to grind the floor down to remove the existing faded logo. This was the longest part of the project.

Creating the tent to protect the area and surrounding while working

After that he programmed the logo in the CNC PRO. He engraved the logo into concrete first to create placement for the metal inlay. Then Henry cut out the metal for the inlay. Finally Henry took the metal piece and used clear epoxy to secure it to the concrete to make it a virtual maintenance-free logo with a spectacular appearance.

CNC PRO engraving new logo after the old was removed


Not one piece of furniture had to be removed and clean up was easy. Henry was able to give his customer what they wanted while keeping their show room clean. They were able to show off their new logo the very next day. The CNC PRO option was an easier option and cost the furniture company half of what it might have cost to replace the concrete. Henry did the job for $1,800 for only a few hours of work. A great win for both companies.

Something to note, if you invest with a CNC PRO, please know we are available to help you troubleshoot challenges. We believe in top training and support with every machine, so everyone can succeed.

Job well done. Note metal in lay “I” the owner was thrilled about.

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