“Franchising” Without the Franchising Fees – The New Normal

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We have a collective opportunity as a nation and world community to set the stage for what is commonly referred to as “the new normal”. CNC Pro owners are uniquely equipped with the tools necessary to affect change in their communities and bring self-sufficiency to their own lives. Whether you are a concrete finisher, general contractor, real estate agent or epoxy guru; having the CNC Pro in your toolbox opens doors to a new market and endless creative possibilities.

What makes our product different than other opportunities is that it is stands in that “sweet spot” in the new business world, in-between being a proven industry and looking out at a horizon of opportunity. Together with several industry leaders like Colorado Hardscapes, Red Art Technologies has proven that the portable concrete engraving system is built to make you money and deliver unique and lasting impressions with your clientele.

I’m going to get a little cut-throat here, but that’s what it takes to really get the message across that this portable decorative concrete engraving machine IS a solid investment and opportunity for your business. I’ll even put my name behind it, as the author of this article I take full responsibility for its content. With that said, let’s continue….

Epoxy, Boulder and signage, polishing, etc. These systems, franchises and tools bring their own opportunities and in some cases annoying monthly fees and dues. STOP paying someone else for your time. When you buy a tool from the hardware store, do you stop to think that Dewalt or Makita deserve a portion of your labor? NO! They don’t! Similarly, when you purchase a CNC Pro decorative concrete engraving system from Red Art Technologies, you don’t owe them a penny for the work you produce with it!

The new norm should be: You keep what you earn, endless possibilities and self-sufficiency. Concrete engravers come from all walks of life, no computer knowledge is required to get started. Red Art Technologies takes you through the whole process. Most buyers learn how to operate the CNC Pro within just a few hours. A self-paced training program is available for every owner and is included with your purchase. Furthermore, owners get access to an online community of fellow owners who are willing to share ideas, tips and tricks; And to quote the late Billy Mays, “but wait, there’s more!”; Owners also get a 1 year warranty on all non wearable parts including the laptop, software and components. Personally, having owned my CNC Pro for nearly three years, I have not had to service it once. It’s built of solid high-grade aluminum, it’s built to last.

Make your “new normal” that of creativity, and endless opportunities with Red Art Technologies’ CNC Pro.

About Us

RedArt Technologies was created by Bountiful, Utah resident Henry Ashworth. Mr. Ashworth developed the CNC Pro portable engraver to meet the demand for businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Customize surfaces with any typeface, logo, pattern, graphic or image they desire. This makes everything quick, simple and professional.

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