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Tips For Starting An Engraving Business

Over the last five+ years we have received feedback from our CNC Pro owners, as result, the following is not financial, legal, tax or business advise; and is made available to you as-is. Red Art Technologies is not responsible for how you use or digest this material.

Some Considerations When Starting Your Engraving Business

  • Organize as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or C Corporation with your State secretary (applies to US based customers, foreign users should seek equivelent protections) 
  • Note: DBA’s offer no protections.
  • Obtain and maintain at least 2 million dollar business liability insurance. Prividers like Next Insurance offer cost-efficient coverage.
  • Budget at least $500/month for marketing (see Marketing Strategy)
  • Have a clean and safe means of transportation (keep in mind transporting large boulders)
  • Consider business continuity in all positions, even yours as the founder.  Be redundant and document your processes.

Pricing Matrix


(engraved and colored)

12” x 12” ……………..$35 – $65
16” x 16” ……………..$40 – $70
18” x 18” ……………..$50 – $85


(engraved and delivered)

2′ x 2′ ……………..$1,000
4′ x 4′ ……………..$3,000
5′ x 6′ ……………..$7,000


(on-site per square foot)

Engraving ……..$65 – $100
Epoxy/Color-Inlay ….. $150 – $200

Pricing Strategy

Price setting is your responsibility.

Some Factors to Consider In Setting Prices

  • Suggested price guidelines from us (see Pricing Matrix)
  • Depth of the cut
  • Size of the cut
  • Tooling fees
  • Computer time
  • Trip charges
  • Meals and lodgeing, if applicable
  • Labor costs

Engraving Estimate Key

Engraving Estimate

Excel Spreadsheet

Advertising and Marketing

Not financial or business advise but made available to you as-is.

When Drafting, Creating and Closing Leads:

  • Consider a policy that you must spend a minimum of $500 per month on local marketing, contribut $300 per month to an Advertising Fund.  It is not unusual to spend upwards to $10,000 on initial marketing campaigns.
  • Maintain accurate records regarding the efficiency of your campaigns, ads and target audience.  This is crucial for determining and improving marketing methods.

Target Markets May Include:

  • Commercial Projects
  • Flooring Estimators
  • Architects And Designers
  • Landscape Designers
  • Farms & Ranches
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Builders and Developers
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commerical and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Cities and Munincipalities
  • Schools and Colleges 
  • State / National Parks and Facilities
  • Local Branches of Federal Agencies
  • Within Larger Companies – Seek whomever is in charge of purchasing materials.

Lead Intake Form

This form may be re-branded with your logo. It is a fillable PDF. Click on the image above to download the form.

Nonprofit Paver Program

  • Schools
  • Foundations
  • Charities
  • Munincipalities
  • Churches and Religious Facilities

Concrete Engraving

  • Carpet Stores / Estimators
  • Tile Stores and Flooring Companies
  • Architects and Designers
  • Flooring Supplyhouses
  • Builders and Contractors

Trade Show Tips & Tricks

Not financial or business advise but made available to you as-is.

14 Tips For a Successful Trade Show

  1. Find out who will be attending
  2. Bring your “A team”
  3. Prepare your staff
  4. Be ready to give product demos
  5. Be physically prepared
  6. Include seats or lounge space at your booth
  7. Give away stuff for free
  8. Be proactive
  9. Become a speaker
  10. Assemble a memorable display. Live engraving will draw a crowd.  When engraving into softer surfaces such as cementboard, you may turn the RPM down on the router to reduce noise, but keep in mind, the noise is what draws a crowd. (If you cannot run the machine, create a recording of an engraving or run it in ghost pass mode)
  11. Bring business cards and brochures (see Marketing Material)
  12. Take lead notes (using a CRM like Hubspot or a pen and paper)
  13. Follow up with urgency (DO NOT LET IT GO MORE THAN 3 DAYS)
  14. Engage on social media

Marketing Material

Red Art produced social media materials may be re-branded and distributed.* 
*Distributing material from the Facebook Owner’s group without permission is not allowed.

2023 Assets Have Arrived!

We have included both editable (for graphic artists) and VistaPrint ready (blank) formats. Email adam@redarttech.com if you have any questions for this section.

Using Graphical Templates:

Play Video

Post Card

Boulder emphasis template to be used with VistaPrint

Tri-Fold Engraving Flyer

Surface engraving emphasis template to be used with VistaPrint

Single Page Engraving

Surface engraving emphasis template to be used with VistaPrint