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Concrete Engraving

No CNC knowledge required. Industry leading training included with every CNC Pro

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We provide a turnkey method for our CNC Pro owners to deliver engraving services for their clients. With our patented portable engraving machine, owners can provide this valued service almost anywhere. As an owner, your customer base could include the homeowner who may want his/her street number engraved on a boulder at the end of a driveway. Or it could be a large non-profit looking to sell naming rights and have the donors’ names engraved. Or an architect or landscaper looking to individualize a residential or commercial setting. There is a strong and increasing market for the service that we offer.

Please take a look at what we have to offer, and if it’s a concept that interests you, we’d welcome the chance to talk further.Again, thanks for stopping by – and we hope to hear from you after you’ve had a chance to review our materials. Best of luck in your journey!

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Our Story: Where imagination and technology meet

You could say that Red Art Technologies™ takes engraving to new heights. And, of course, to more locations! Salt Lake City resident Henry Ashworth is joined in the Red Art Technologies™ venture by his team engineer Adam Burner, as well as Ralph Hansel, who serves as principal support of engineering. They have developed the world’s first patented on-site engraving system, known as the CNC Pro. This CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) portable engraver allows for easy customizing of concrete and other surfaces with any typeface, logo, pattern, graphic or image, and virtually on any surface. Read More –>

Concrete Engraving System

$24,999 USD

Now includes 6 foot Rails Extensions

Owner’s hit the ground running (no pun intended) with the aid of our comprehensive Owner’s Portal.

System Includes:

  • CNC Pro Concrete Engraving Machine
  • Laptop and Software
  • Concrete Engraving Bits
  • Military Grade Traveling Case
  • CNC Remote
  • Engraving Router
  • Rails Extensions

Owner’s Portal:

  • Training Videos
  • 1:1 Access to a CNC Pro Engineer
  • Pricing Index / Bidsheet
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Materials
  • Business Development
  • Product Implementation and Development
  • Access to Owner’s Group
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Tradeshow Tips and Tricks

Do I need prior experience to become a CNC Pro owner?

Prior business experience is helpful. However, a commitment to hard work and a desire to succeed will go a long way. We will train the right people.

How does Red Art Technologies™ CNC Pro differ from other tools?

The Red Art Technologies™ CNC Pro offering differs from other engraving businesses in several important ways. First, the CNC Pro engraving machine is patent-protected, and more importantly, it is portable. This is a significant market differentiator in that many engraving machines are stationery. Additionally, this is a business that can be started from a home office if needed. Owners will need to a suitable means of transporting it from location to location.

Does Red Art Technologies™ offer support to owners?

Yes. We provide our owners with a comprehensive and complete video training program on how to utilize the CNC Pro efficiently and effectively. We also have our tech support available to owners around the clock if you have any difficulties. We provide support in the areas of sales, business and marketing.

Do you offer on-site training?

Every CNC Pro includes self-paced training.


What do I do next?

If you’re interested in more detail and would like to set up an appointment, please fill out and submit the contact form below and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll review, and assuming you meet our criteria, we’ll contact you to set up a time to talk. We can talk by phone or video conference, or whatever suits you best. We look forward to hearing from you!

Recent Projects

Our very own Henry Ashworth was contracted by LogMeIn to engrave their logo onto finished concrete.  This logo spans 11 feet with the entire design spanning over 30 feet in length.  The entire design is filled in with fast drying epoxy.  Pictured is the CNC Pro with the accessory rail extensions, which effectively double the engraving area from 24” x 36” to 72”.