Parts and Supplies

Concrete Engraving Machine – CNC Pro

V Bits

Provided by Amana Tools

Endmill Bits

Provided by Amana Tools

Acrylic Cutting

Provided by Amana Tools

Aluminium Cutting

Provided by Amana Tools

Misc Recommended Supplies

Nylon Detailing Brush

This is used to remove dust and debris from the pillow blocks and other tight crevices.

2000 Watt Generator

Quiet running generators are a must for remote jobs or where access to power is unreliable.


To be applied to rails, pillow blocks, z-screw, after every job or 5 hours of run-time.

Microfiber Towels

Best when used in conjuction with WD-40 DRY LUBE

Blast Mask

Used to reduce bleedover when engraving into porous concrete and stone surfaces

Scotch Blue Masking Tape

Like the Blask Mask tape, this is used to protect and reduce bleedover when painting or filling in epoxy inlays.

HardieBacker Board

Engraving onto HardieBacker is a quick and cost effective way to showcase engravings at home shows and conventions

The Stool

CNC Pro Classic, useful for holding the brain-box at the 'perfect level' while engraving.

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