Engraving Permanent and Wear Resistant Floor Safety Signage

Concrete Engraving Machine – CNC Pro

We understand that this social distancing situation is temporary but look at the power of floor signage. When signage really matters, it gets stuck onto the floor. Stand six feet apart, don’t cross the yellow line…
Now, looking into the future, what other more permanent floor signage applications can a business utilize in the long-term? One of the major obstacles with floor signage is wear. They wear out and have to be replaced. Using our machine, owners can engrave any size design into concrete, stone or wood surfaces.
Pictured is an engraving by New Dawn Lasers (NDL) out of Michigan. NDL masterfully sets the raster lines to create a higher surface area for epoxy to adhere to. The beauty of these epoxy filled signs is in the fact that they are virtually indestructible. They can be polished along with the concrete surface, giving them a seamless look and finished appearance.
Many go further, adding in glow epoxy for more vital signs such as exit pathways and directions.
Let’s talk QR codes. As the industrial world continues to move towards automation, QR code’s can be used to direct machinery to a proper location within a factory. They also are useful as permanent links to describe area monuments, points of interest in parks and large buildings. The fact that they link to a digital resource means that the digital can be updated while the QR code remains the same.
As a CNC Pro owner you don’t need to have the computer knowledge or know how to operating this machine. We offer everyone self-paced training material, and one-on-one support for a full year after purchase. Check out our website or give us a call.

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