Photo is courtesy of Bolder Engraving, flag-door created using the CNC Pro

Does the CNC Pro include a warranty?

Every CNC Pro comes with a 1 year warranty on all components. Our machines are handmade and assembled within the U.S.A. and we proudly stand behind our work.

How deep can the CNC Pro engrave?

The CNC Pro can engrave up to 2 inches (5.08 CM) into most surface types.

How long does the typical bit last?

This mostly depends on the surface (substrate) which is being engraved. Our bits are diamond impregnated, which means they have exponentially more working-diamonds than the typical routing bit. For example, one could expect to engrave between 20 - 50+ pavers (12'' square) with a single bit.

How small (fine) can the CNC Pro engrave?

.006 Inches (.15 Millimeters)

Do you offer marketing packages?

Every CNC Pro owner has access to our marketing and bidding materials; to help them hit the ground running.

Do you offer on-site training?

Every CNC Pro includes self-paced training.

Can the CNC Pro engrave 3D objects?

Yes, the CNC pro can cut out virtually any 3D object using our included licensed software.

What can the CNC Pro engrave?

The CNC Pro can engrave, concrete, glass, stone, brick, tile, granite, epoxy, slate, blue-stone, acrylic, HDPE, wood and so much more. So far, we have not found a surface that the CNC Pro cannot engrave.

What is CNC technology?

Our definition of CNC is within the scope of the CNC Pro; which is the culmination of many great inventors going all the way back to the space program. Henry Ashworth further developed this CNC technology, inventing a mobile and rigid system, capable of executing CNC precision onto virtually any surface.

Is there a job-size limit?

The CNC Pro can engrave any size job, even if it extends beyond the engraving area of the machine. With our included software, owners can tile out any size logo, pattern, text or design.

How small (fine) can the CNC Pro engrave?

.006 Inches (.15 Millimeters)

What is included with the CNC Pro?

The CNC Pro comes with: military grade case, laptop, proprietary software, 10 diamond impregnated bits, 1 day in house training (within the continental us), follow-up training, bid sheets, advertising support, 24/7 technical support, owners web site, one year warranty on all equipment; and incredible money making possibilities.