Four Reasons to Add Precision Concrete Engraving to Your Business Portfolio

Concrete Engraving Machine – CNC Pro

Reason #1: CNC Pro ownership brings long-term income on existing surfaces. With Red Art Technologies’ portable concrete engraving machine the world becomes your canvas. Every finished concrete surface has the potential of bringing in revenue to both the property owner and CNC Pro operator. In fact; we’ve calculated this for you. Take a 2000 square foot finished plaza. Now imagine that 20% of that plaza is engraved with donor names. Depending on the engraving detail, a square foot engraved will fetch $500-$1000. That’s between $200,000 and $400,000 of potential revenue for the engraver. Factor in the cost of diamond bits at $30/piece and 20-40 hours total, you’re looking at over 90% profit. Conversely, for the business or school, they can sell donor names next to poems, art, logos and other elements. Each time a new donor or advertiser purchases a square foot, yard or section, the CNC Pro operator receives additional work.

#2: You will make a meaningful impact in your community. Engraved surfaces last a lifetime, and like the hieroglyphs of Egypt, have the potential of lasting through the ages. With the included PC and software, owners can take any piece of art, or message, and replicate it onto virtually any surface. Any size can be engraved using a method known as tiling. Spread your message, beautify a historic arts district or blast support for your team throughout your community. Messaging and branding are key to making any business stand out. With the CNC Pro, you will be “the person” to make it happen.

3. It’s an untapped market. While the technology that runs the CNC Pro has been in production for over 60 years, its application outside of machine shops and aeronautical manufacturing is new. We’ve taken the CNC and unleashed it. By designing a rigid and portable framing system, the CNC is no longer tethered to a deck. The engraving deck is literally the surface it sits on. It can even go vertical onto walls and other surfaces. Currently, there is under 200 CNC Pro owners worldwide, but between them, they have logged over 30,000 hours netting an estimated $10,000,000 in sales. Remember reason #1, I’ll let you do the math. Concrete is the world’s most widely used construction material.

4. It’s cool. Simply put CNC technology is really really cool. Owning the CNC Pro is like having a manufacturing facility in your own garage. With up to .006” precision, this machine can get down to the details. The CNC Pro is built to last, milled out of solid high quality aluminum and backed by a 1 year warranty and support, you can’t go wrong. It includes a self paced training program, access to an owner’s group where other operators share their ideas and work. The concrete engraving machine has many applications. Some owners also engrave: Wood, stone, tile, HDPE, glass and brick. The applications are endless.

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