Decorative CNC Concrete Engraving and the Top Three Challenges Facing Architects Today

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Architects throughout the world have taken notice to the endless possibilities of CNC (computer numeric controlled) precision engraving.  By definition CNC is CAD friendly.  How can portable CNC concrete engraving help solve the top 3 challenges facing architects today?


Industries are steadily “going paperless”. Going paperless, in our context, means, taking everything that we used to do on paper, and instead, do it via computer.  This shift, in the way we do business, also means that some of the senior architects are left having to contract out or hire people to perform the menial tasks of transferring their work into electronic form.  This task is often left to new graduates who then are not given the usual apprenticeship period where they would otherwise gain the wisdom and experience necessary to fully complete the job.  Bright ambitious tradespeople, if stuck doing menial work, will leave.  This adds even greater pressure on senior architects who are left with little time to train new talent.  This self-feeding cycle is not a recipe for success and efficiency. 

So where does decorative CNC concrete engraving come into play?  The answer is everywhere.  Take these young minds and put them to task with executing designs and ideas in a fun and efficient way.  3D printing is all the rage with millennials, and is a lot of fun. CNC engraving is like 3D printing, except in reverse

RedArt Technologies is pioneering a new industry of precision portable engraving.  The CNC Pro is a patented system which can engrave down to .006” of precision, granting its operators the ability to execute virtually any design.  CNC has been around since the 50’s and gained notoriety during the space program. Anyone who can click a mouse can operate the CNC Pro. Every machine includes 1 on 1 training and self-paced learning programs which enable owners to become operators, often in a single afternoon.


Increasing competition affects corporations, healthcare providers, educators and retailers alike.  The cost of doing business is increasingly scrutinized. Business owners, architects and designers must campaign and promote their ability to create cost effective and income generating opportunities for their clients over many years, underpinning long-term success.

The beauty of portable CNC engraving is in giving clients a vision of building capital and value with their existing surfaces over time.  For example, the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge maximized and is continuing to take advantage of their existing surfaces, by engraving a massive Periodic Table of Elements in their main plaza. Each element is then used to recognize donors.


Architects and planners are constantly fighting with land shortages, complex regulatory environments and competition for a unique product.  To gain an edge on competition, designs must be cost effective, efficient and be profitable for all parties involved.

On-site engraving is widely feasible and in most cases does not have all the ‘hoops’ that one must jump through to complete the task.  The CNC Pro can take any logo, text or design and cost-effectively engrave it onto existing surfaces.


Let’s change the paradigm by adding portable CNC engraving into our toolbox.  Embrace the change instead of looking back at what we have lost.  RedArt Technologies has a wide range of training material to make concrete engraving a core capability at all levels.  Showcase on-site engraving as a method of perpetual value for a profitable outcome for all involved.

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